Thursday, September 26, 2013

Arnold's Thursday MPMF Preview

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MPMF Thursday at Arnold's

Jim Casto with Dr. Hue (Cincinnati) 7:15
For the past few years Jim Casto and Dr. Hue have been assembling periodically to create and perform music together. Their sound is a mixture of Folk, Rock, and Country. Jim Casto is a singer-songwriter from Cincinnati, deriving much of his musical influence from time spent with songwriters a-like in Northeastern Ohio. Looking to branch out into diverse musical stylings, he enlisted the help of Dr. Hue. Dr. Hue is a Cincinnati based Rock & Roll band comprised of 3 local musicians; Drew Loftspring, Mike Donohue, and Brendan Blumer. These talented young musicians help bring depth to Casto’s songs. This collaboration is currently in the process of recording a new album. 

Hickory Robot (Cincinnati) 8:15
"Hickory Robot hail from the fertile acoustic soil of Cincinnati, Ohio. The original trio of guitarist Jim Pelz, mandolinist Scott Carnder, and fiddler Lauren Schloemer came together in 2008 and by 2010 had released an album of critically-praised originals entitled Firefly. Citybeat Magazine noted the "stellar songwriting" and "impeccable musicianship". 2011 saw bassist Mike Georgin complete the quartet and a year of constant gigging that resulted in a Cincinnati Entertainment Award nomination for best Bluegrass band. 

Mama's Porch Band (Cincinnati) 9:15
Mama’s Porch is a band hard to categorize, as it doesn’t quite fit into any specific genre. Female and male fronted harmonies that will melt you. Laced with elements of folk, rock, and blues, these original songs pull the user along a very eclectic and entertaining journey. 

The Shilohs (Vancouver, BC) 10:30
Vancouver's The Shilohs have in short order positioned themselves as a quintessential band's band. These four guys have the songwriting talent, chops and the oddball cool to make any gig memorable. Like the late greats before them a la Big Star, The Replacements, and even Crazy Horse, they have the chameleon-like ability to meld into a scene - Their songs, which continue the cannon of classic west coast rock by weaving together an infinite number of influences, take on a life of their own before an audience as their performances become more about the communal energy transforming typical fan - band dynamics.