Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helping People Help Themselves…

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Today I got an email from Arnold’s Website Contact Form.  It simply said this, “Ihave tried to locate your on line application. I was told that you help people. I have access to a computer but no email yet thanks 
phone 513-***-****”.  

One word made me know this is a person trying to help themselves.  It is the word yet.  To me the word yet is a sign of hope.  Something is greater than what I am doing now.  I use yet for many things.  I haven’t won the lottery.  Yet.   I haven’t gotten the recipe down pat for crème puffs.  Yet. 

Arnold’s use to be run, by me mind you, in a very different way.  I truly felt I needed to “govern” your job.  Now a days (although some may disagree) I don’t.  We have simple rules here.  You have to be kind to people and you have to do your job.  If not then there really is no need for you to be here.

So when I read that email today it made me realize, it isn’t us helping anyone, it’s them helping themselves.

Arnold’s employee Mike S. came to us a few years ago, chaotic and pretty beat up with life.  He worked hard as a dishwasher.  His profession would have to be put on hold since the most important thing was mending himself.  I think that was about three years ago.  As positions opened up Mike stayed in the dish tank, not wanting to mess with the reason he was at Arnold’s.  To make enough money and pay his bills while he was getting things straight.  He did eventually move over to our cold side and from there he was ready to branch out and get back into his career.  Over a year ago he applied to be a union apprentice electrician, his profession.  He was disappointed a few times when things came and went but he would soon have his head back up, knowing it was a matter of time.  Monday he got the call he had been waiting for.  They were hiring him, into his profession.  Mike is ready to face the world and all it has to offer him.  He is willing to put his faith in the gods to be and the power greater than him.  He knows if you want the good then you can have it in abundance and he knows he had to help himself because no other person could do that for him.  Right after he got that call he had a guy call him asking for help.  The guy had heard Mike was in the business of helping people.  Mike knows, as I know, it’s up to you.  I couldn’t be more proud of Mike. 

For many of us, Arnold’s is more than a job, it’s a way of life, helping ourselves so we can help others.