Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Menu, New Me

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Hi All!

Over the next few weeks we will be making many changes in our menu and I am so excited about that! 

Arnold's is 152 years old and people no longer eat muskrat and mutton.  Also, not too many people drink Ironized Catawba Wine.  I don't even like the sounds of those words! 

The bar staff has been working very hard making more infusions than are possible to drink.  We also have established ourselves as one of the number one places north of the Ohio River for bourbon (we will leave the south to Ms. Wellman).  With now rotating taps and homemade Sangria and Limoncello, made by yours truly, rounding out the bar scene.

With burgers being a large part of our income we will be giving people more of what they want.  Chris will be running a contest where one lucky contestant will get to make their own burger and it will be named after them on our menu.  I know you are excited so start thinking now!

We will be stream lining the menu we have now to better accommodate our kitchen on really busy nights.  I guess it was about five years ago when I thought I needed 784 different items on our menu.  And we did.  That menu has proven to be a true hit with our customers.  

Now, as times and trends differ it is time to move with them.  You have to ebb and flow as a stagnate river never attracts new or more fish or the same fish for that matter.  My life became that river several months ago as I decided to make major changes in myself and in Arnold's.  I Hope you like our changes but know we still have the same river bed we always had.  It's not going anywhere and before you ask, no the Greek Spaghetti is NOT going off the menu!