Monday, April 29, 2013

The QCP + Arnold's 1861 Porter = Best video Ever

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The Queen city Project just released a stop motion short film using over 13,000 pictures following the brewing process at Christian Moerlein's new brewery to label design and tap fabrication by noted rock poster artists, Keith Neltner and Rob Warnick to release party at Arnold's Bar and Grill. If you have the time, please check it out. 


If you haven't "Liked" all of the people involved yet. You can do so below:

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Wild Turkey Bourbon Ball

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The Wild Turkey Bourbon Ball
With The Kentucky Struts

On Saturday April 27th  at 9pm, Arnold’s Bar and Grill is hosting The Wild Turkey Bourbon Ball. For the event,  Arnold’s will be featuring drink specials on Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey 81, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Russell’s Reserve Bourbon and Rye, as well as the ultra rare Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit.  Arnold’s will also be featuring no less than 5 infusions made from Wild Turkey and unveiling their in house aged Bourbon Barrel Sazerac. We will also be featuring a dinner specials menu using Wild Turkey as one of the ingredients. Whiskey experts from Wild Turkey will also be in to discuss any Bourbon related questions that you may have and hand out free Wild Turkey Swag.

Music will be provided by the very whiskey friendly band, The Kentucky Struts. 

To commemorate the event there will be a limited edition of 50, signed and numbered, hand pulled screenprints, designed by artist and Kentucky Struts lead singer Todd Lipscomb available for purchase the day of the event.

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