Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life Was Good Back Then But It Is Amazing Now!

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It seems like I am the most productive when I am the busiest.  Are you that way?  So I thought what better time than now, my busy season, to start writing the blog again.

I now believe things come to you when you put it out to the universe.  Just in the last few months I have had people come back into my life that I haven't seen upwards of 35 years.  Interesting too because they have been people that helped me though struggles in my life.  It makes me wonder if we aren't always struggling with something, making that just a part of life. 

I got the following message from my great buddy, Abe and my response back to him.  Abe worked at Arnold's in the very lean times.  He was like a sponge and I kept his sponge full of things.  He moved up to General Manger before he left me to travel the world and then open his own place in J Town.  I will always appreciate him. 

·                                 Hi Ronda. I was admiring the new bar shelf photo you posted. It reminded me of how you had to make some heavy spending decisions to meet my request to add a bottle of Jameson 12 yr old and a Laphroic Scotch. At that time, spending money on expensive liquor was not an easy thing for you to do. I am amazed at where you have taken Arnold's since those lean days. Pretty wonderful stuff!
hahahaha Abe, I am going to copy this and send it to Chris! I told him to STOP SPENDING. The shelf is the cheap part, it is the stuff on it. And the 50 1/2 barrels you have to have sitting in the cooler now. I am writing my blog post right now and going to put this in there.

Life was really good back then but it is amazing now. I will always be grateful for the time we had together and getting to know you and Cassie