Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arnold's 1861 Porter Re-Release

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Christian Moerlein’s
 Arnold’s 1861 Porter Re-release

Christian Moerlein and Arnold’s Bar and Grill are proud to announce the re-release of Arnold’s 1861 Porter on March 22nd at 6pm. From 6-7, in honor of the occasion Arnold’s will be offering the beer for $1.52 (One penny for every year Arnold’s has been in business),  In 2011, Arnold’s 1861 Porter, brewed in a small test pilot system, was the first beer brewed by Christian Moerlein in Over-The-Rhine in over 90 years. So it is fitting that after being unavailable for nearly two years, it will be the first beer to roll out of their facility now that it is fully operational.

For the release, Warnick Art and Neltner Small Batch, two nationally known and locally based artists were commissioned to create an identity for the 1861 Porter brew. Keith Neltner and Rob Warnick, who have done work for renowned music acts like ModestMouse, Cake, and Death Cab for Cutie, along with brands like South by Southwest Music Festival, Coke-a-cola, and Wrigley’s Gum evolved the idea, along with the infamous writer Jeff Chambers, from a simple beer label tap design into something that celebrated their crafts. The historic event will feature a commemorative shirt design and a limited edition art print that will be available at the release party on March 22. They're also creating a one of kind sculpture/tap handle that will be carved from wood (reclaimed from Kentucky horse farms) and laser etched as an artifact of the release. "Rob and I are huge advocates of beer, history preservation and art so this brings all of those elements together and we're thrilled." explains Neltner.

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Keith & Rob's Process drawings

Full Branding
Tap Fabrication Process

T-shirt Design