Thursday, July 19, 2012

Falling Back In Love With Our City And Our Home

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Every summer my blogging becomes almost nil.  Summers in Cincinnati are just too much fun.  Add a normal summer with The World Choir Games, a new bike and the opening of Washington Park and you get less time to write.  For this I am not sorry for.

Bret and I decided we should move to Kentucky (That's where I grew up), build a home and settle in to the community.  We started looking in January and thought it would not be a hard process.  Time after time we came up empty handed on property.  In our frustration we started working on our backyard.  We figured if we were going to sell our home we would have to fix it up anyway.  What we came up with is an oasis in the city.  It is the best of both worlds.  Like a mullet.  City in the front, country in the back.  The more work we do the more we are falling back in love with our home.  There are no plans to look for a home right now.  We do have a lot of steps and are not getting any younger, but still have some step life in us.

Then I get a bike.  A motorized bike to be exact. Becoming an avid rider about 10 years ago and losing 70 pounds during that time was great for me.  Then I got married to Bret (which is a great thing) and moved to the suburbs.  I quit riding my bike and spent my time in a commute up 1-71 that, on certain days, took hours out of my day.  I quit riding and quit smoking (that's the good part) and gained 60 of the 70 pounds I had left behind once before.  I had agreed to live in the suburbs until Bret's son graduated high school.  I lasted two years past that.  One day I came home and said I was done with spending my life on 1-71.  Our great neighbors, our great yard and our recently remodeled home was just not worth my serenity.

My love affair with Arnold's has never wavered.  I had however got into the habit of going to work and coming home.  Not enjoying our city the way it is suppose to be enjoyed.  I am not even sure how I came across the idea of an electric bike.  I had been thinking about them since Christmas and started researching them.  I ended up buying the cheapest one I could find.  I bought it for a few different reasons.  It looked like a regular bike, it looked like it would do what I needed it to do and I could take the battery off and it would be lightweight (it's 85 pounds with the battery).  The first time I went down Sycamore hill I could hardly breath.  I learned cutting across Mulberry gave me confidence and break up that steep hill.  The first time I went up Sycamore hill was awesome.  Just passing Milton's I was greeted by a group of men that were in awe of this fat lady breezing by them on her bike.  I felt like Dorthy from The Wizard Of Oz.  The song raging in my head, dun dun dun, dun dun       dun      Dun             DUN!   Then a got a bit further up and the battery dies!!!!!! Looking back none of the guys saw me, but the kids across the street got a great laugh!  So I push the thing up the rest of that hill then the hill to our house.  Whew.  I read the manual and figure out I had to let the battery run out 3 TIMES for it to reset the battery.  I now get all the way up the hill with the battery in full working order.  It last for 30 miles so I have no fear of it running out of juice around town.  I am not sure how long the motor will last due to the strain of Sycamore hill but Reser Bike Store assures me they will take care of my bike.

I am now 32 pounds lighter of that 60 pounds I had picked up and will save that for another blog post.  This week my bike has taken me to the riverfront, to Washington Park (several times), to a community bike ride, to eat sushi, to see an Improv act at Know Theatre, to Arnold's at least once a day, to my community garden, to Kroger's on Vine St., to Finlay Market for fresh corn on the cob, to several meetings I needed to attend, to buy a picture frame, to Milton's Celebration.  I believe finding property in Newport just wasn't meant to be at this time in our life.  I believe our city is abundant in resources and getting more abundant everyday.  The tide has shifted and people are excited.  I am excited too.  If you see a not so fat lady on her bike, my name is Ronda, give me a shout out!  It's our neighborhood, our jobs, our home, our family, our friends, our lives.  Sounds like a community to me!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

This Weekend at Arnold's

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The Specials

PITA PIZZA Pita makes the "crust" part of our pie. Topped with Arnold's red sauce and mozzarella cheese and baked. Topped with our Greek Deluxe (bacon, olives, peppers, onions, mushrooms & tomatoes) then dusted with Romano cheese.  7.95

ARNOLD'S CAPRESE SALAD, SORT OF Leafy greens topped with yellow pear tomatoes (from Ronda and Bret's garden), red grape tomatoes, fresh basil (yes, from the garden) fresh mozzarella cheese, garlic, olive oil, cucumber slices, mixed peppers and red onion.  Served with a chunk of grilled garlic bread.   9.95

VEGGIE 4 WAY Ronda's award winning Cincinnati style lentils served over linguine (GF available), topped with cheddar cheese and raw onions.  Served with Greek salad and oyster crackers.   11.95

DRUNKEN BURGER * burger topped with a mixture of mushrooms, beef stock, sharp white cheddar cheese, red wine, brandy and onions.  Served on a grilled bun with shredded lettuce.  Garnished (is this word outdated?) with French fries.   11.95

GRILLED MAHI MAHI Two 4 ounce fillets topped with spicy watermelon corn relish.   Served with seasoned rice and black beans and flour tortillas.   14.95

The Music
Friday Night - Maurice Mattei and the TEMPERS

Saturday Night - The Bostic Family Tent Revival Band

Friday, July 6, 2012

This weekend at Arnold's

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The Specials:

A Taste Of Ohio

BUCKEYE VODKA SHRIMP. 6 jumbo tiger shrimp saut*ed in garlic sauce and flashed seared with Buckeye Vodka.  Topped with coconut infused panko bread crumbs.  Served on a bed of navy beans flavored with basil from Ronda's garden, sundried tomatoes and romano cheese.   Sprinkled with cracked red pepper.   9.95

GRILLED MAHI MAHI WATERMELON SALAD. Local watermelon purchased at Finlay Market brushed with balsamic and honey then grilled. This is how this dish then plays out.....  Field greens, black bean corn relish, feta cheese, raw red onions, grilled watermelon THEN topped with grilled Mahi Mahi.  Served with a spicy garlic olive oil for you to drizzle.  Garnished with our delicious flatbread crackers.   14.95

FLAT IRON STEAK WITH BEER SAUCE. Flat iron steak is a cross between ribeye and strip and is delicious.  We marinate a six ounce portion in local Arnold's Lager, soy, garlic, ginger and cracked black pepper then grill it to your liking.  Served with saut*ed locally grown sqaush, mashed potatoes and mixed  pepper and onion gravy. 15.95

The Music:
Friday - The Cincy Brass

Saturday - The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs