Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Idea Of The Perfect Bockfest Evening

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I wrote this a few years ago and thought it should be reposted.

My Idea Of The Perfect Evening...
If you are driving, park in the lot across the street from Arnold‘s. Remember to pay the machine! Show up at Arnold’s around 4pm to have a beer. Or 2. But pace yourself. They are strong and you have a long night ahead of you. We have 7 Bocks on tap so plenty to choose from. Pick up a Bockfest Shirt and throw it on. You do want to be fashionable. Also eat a Bock sausage so you have something in your stomach. There is another bar added this year and two port a potties. Watch the parade kick off and either follow it (my suggestion) or jump on a shuttle to Bockfest Hall for the ceremony. Grab a beer at Bockfest Hall. Or 2. But pace yourself, it is still going to be early. Buy a poster from Jim Effler. Take the shuttle and try to stop at every bar along the way. Pace yourself and everywhere that sells food, eat some. When you are ready to go home return to Arnold’s. If it is before 11 you can order food. If you do need to get a cab then you can leave your car in the lot, take a cab and come back for lunch. We open at 11am on Saturday.  This is to be repeated on Saturday except for the parade part.  Yes we will have a "Bockfest Detox" Brunch on Sunday from 10am - 2pm. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Look At The Moerlein Lager House

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We were honored to have dinner at the new Lager House tonight for their soft opening.  The food, the decor and the company were all awesome! 
From The Top
To The Bottom

Arnold's Gets Some Moerlein Love!

The Rail!
The View!

The Salmon
The Meatloaf

The Prime Rib And Spaetzle
The Leftovers!

It was a wonderful night with great people in a new addition to our already awesome city.
The End!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Precipitation Retaliation

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The Perfect Manhattan

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Don't Screw Up On Valentine"s Day... Cincinnati Ballet & Arnold's Dinner Package Made Easy!

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Slip this little package in with the flowers or the candy or the engagement ring.  Your special someone will think you are the hottest ticket in town!  Don't screw up by thinking this party is on Valentines day, it is on Saturday, February 18.  The show starts at 8pm so be here by 5:30 - 6:00 to enjoy your meal!

I am making it easy for you to go get a ticket to The Cincinnati Ballet AND dinner at Arnold's.  CLICK HERE  This includes DINNER, TIP, TAX AND SHOW.  WOW!

I am so proud to do these dinners with The Cincinnati Ballet.  Really think about it.  Dinner, tax, tip and show all rolled into one for a low low price of $45.00. 

Below is the great menu I have planned for you

Soup or Salad

Veggie or Meat Lasagna
Blackened Talapia Over Black Beans And Rice
Burger And Fries
Greek Spaghetti

Mixed Berry Cobbler Served Warm With Ice Cream
Chocolate Flourless Torte

Friday, February 10, 2012

Top Ten Reasons To Attend The 20th Anniversary BockFest Dinner

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Reason 1.   Because it pays for the BockFest Parade and we all know it is the coolest parade around
Reason 2.   Because it's going to be SO much fun and you don't want to miss the fun
Reason 3.   Because you love hanging out with beer people
Reason 4.   Because you love taking tours of what is very soon going to be the next full brewery in town
Reason 5.   Because you have always wanted to drive a bathtub
Reason 6.   Because the food is going to be delicious
Reason 7.   Because of the cool swag you get to take home (include coupons to Arnold's)
Reason 8.   Because you want to drive the bathtub in the BockFest Parade
Reason 9.   Because you want to stay in the penthouse room at the Garfield the Friday of Bockfest.
Reason 10. Because it's going to be a night you will never forget, ever!

You swag package will include (2) $15.00 coupons to redeem at Arnold's, BockFest Beer Glass, signed copy of this years Bockfest Poster.

Bathtub and Penthouse will be given away to a person in attendance that evening.

Please visit and click on 20th anniversary dinner, then add to cart.

For my last blog on this please visit

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Jake Speed and The Freddies/Dear Jake Speed and The Freddies Fans

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Dear Jake Speed and The Freddies,

My family would like to sincerely thank you guys for hosting the Old Time Music Revue at Arnold's.  I only wish I could express my gratitude for your generosity.

It has been a  honor to have Jake Speed and The Freddies give Arnold's all they have given.  Time and time again you could have filled bigger houses, made more money.  But you didn't, you stayed at Arnold's.  Arnold's was your home and you know how being home is.  Sure you have had your flings with other bars, bigger bars, newer bars, even taken over towns such as Rabbit Hash.  You have been in parades, and invited goats into your homes. Still, the "Old Time Music Revue" was only for Arnold's and that has been something we have been proud to say.

As life moves on I wish everyone of you the best.  I look forward to you playing more shows at Arnold's. Even without the "Old Time Music Revue"  part of it, we will still be honored that we get to have you guys play.

With Love and Sincerity,
Ronda Androski/Proprietor

Dear Jake Speed and The Freddies Fans,

I write this note in honor of the band.  I know how you have loved them over the years.  How you clung to your love notes praying for Jake to read yours.  You waited in anticipation to raise your arms to yell "HUZZAH HUZZAH".  We thank you for your support over the years.

For The Freddies last show, Saturday Febuary 18th,  we are doing things a bit different.   We will be having two show seating's that night.  The first show, starting at 9pm will be sat from 8pm - 10:30 and will be by reservations.  Once we get the room cleared and tables moved we will have open seating for the 11pm - 12:30 show.  Due to the amount of people and time put into this show we will be passing Jake's watering jug around the crowd.  All proceeds from that jug will go directly to the band.  You can call 513-421-6234 for dinner reservations and a seat for Jake's first seating at 8pm.  Please remember the 11pm show will be open seating.   Thanks for supporting Jake Speed and The Freddies and Arnold's.
With Love and Sincerity,
Ronda Androski/Proprietor

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cincinnati Does Not Suck

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The best quote from The Queen City Project on this video: "Cincinnati does not suck"

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Simple Superbowl Salsa

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This is delicious, easy and not too expensive.

1 cup container of mixed fruit from produce counter at grocery (yes, the one already made for you). You can also just use a 1 fruit cup if you desire.

1 small container of cherry tomatoes or 2 Roma's quartered

1/2 jalapeno pepper

1/4 red onion

1/2 lime cut up into about 8 pieces (yes skin and all)

2 TBS honey (you could also sugar)

enough cilantro to cover the palm of your hand, about 2 or 3 TBS.

Salt to taste

Put all ingredients in food processor and rough chop (pulse) until desired consistency.  If you don't have a processor or just don't want to get it out just chop the stuff by hand!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Photographer Fridays: Rewind - The Queen City Project

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Channel 9 news WCPO is doing a story on the Queen City project tonight as six. They even stopped in and interviewed me about the project. So I figured today would be the perfect opportunity to repost the video they did of us along with some of their other videos.

the Queen City Project :: Arnold's from the Queen City Project on Vimeo.

the Queen City Project :: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from the Queen City Project on Vimeo.

the Queen City Project :: Shadeau Breads from the Queen City Project on Vimeo.

the Queen City Project :: Coffee Emporium from the Queen City Project on Vimeo.

the Queen City Project :: Cincinnati at Christmas from the Queen City Project on Vimeo.