Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jack Making Girlie Drinks? SHHHH

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Back in the day we tried to slide many things past Jack.  There was the espresso machine, the blender, the Sloe Gin, the mojitos.  Now we present infused liquors and craft cocktails, homemade grenadine and sweet and sour mix.  I forgot about the computer.  That was actually the turning point for Jack, the computer.  I never thought it would fly and when I asked him, he said, "sure, go ahead".  I wouldn't have waited a year to put it behind the bar had I known.

As you can see in the picture Jack is a popular guy at Arnold's.  He is probably the most photographed bartender.  This was at his 25th or 30th anniversary party, I can't remember.  So here is the conversation I had with Jack a few weeks ago and the recipe to follow.

Jack: "Ronda I can't get these "girlie" cocktails out of my head".
Ronda: "Sure Jack".
Jack: "No seriously.  I can't stop thinking about what kind of drink I want to make".
Ronda: "Sure Jack (chuckle)".
Jack: "I am not joking, I am thinking gin".
Ronda: "Gin is not very girly.  How about something really sweet with cider in it".
Jack: "It's my drink, I will come up with it".
Ronda: "Yeah, right".
Jack to Cindy and I:  "Here you two, taste this, it's my girly drink."
Cindy (customer) and I: "Wow Jack that is really good, what's in it?"

Really after all these years he never stops amazing me!

  1 part gin
  1 part vodka
  1 part tequila
Fill glass with ice then add orange juice and grenadine

No this is not a Sunrise, it's Jack's Girlie Drink!