Monday, May 21, 2012

Street Art Education #6 Matt W. Moore

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Today I am featuring Portland, Maine based mural artist and graphic designer Matt W. Moore. Above is a piece that I am betting a lot of you missed on Clay Street in Over The Rhine. Thankfully, Walt Keys from the Queen City Project didn't and snapped the above photo. We have YES Gallery on Main Street to thank for bringing him in April of last year. If you want to see exactly where this is on Clay Street, you can use Google Street view to figure it out here. It is the blue wall in the picture. Google Maps must have cruised through before the it went up. Two summers ago Matt W. Moore did a pretty awesome project in France. Details, pictures and the video are below.

From The Wooster Collective“In the summer of 2010 mural painter Matt W. Moore created a series of live painting performances on walls in MARSEILLE, LYON, and PARIS. Directors Le Groupuscule captured the evolution of each mural, gathering over 700,000 pictures, that were edited as a stop-motion animation to an unreleased track by Monsieur Monsieur to create this music video. This collaboration of 3 artistic disciplines to make walls dance is part of the global initiative : Let’s Colour Project.”

Check out Matt W Moore's blog here
Buy his prints here
An interview with him here

Paris, France

Lyon, France


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Oakland, CA

Portland, MA

London, UK

MWM x Kofie - San Francisco, CA

(right side) Miami, FL

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