Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things I Loved In The Past Month

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It's always hard to get a blog back up and running when you have let it sit for a month.  This past month was our busiest month ever.  Yes I said EVER (in my history at least).  During that time we have had BockFest, St. Patty's Day, our employee Christmas Party, caterings of weddings and wedding receptions and Catered Lunches.  We have had Harry's Law, and Big Big Best Of CityBeat awards.  We have had Beer Week and Quilters.  Tattoo Artist and Christian Women have adorned our fair city and our restaurant to.  The Pedal Wagon and The Street Car.  Music too abound to talk about and delicious food and drink.  Shepard Fairey spending two minutes of his 10 minutes speech talking about Arnold's at his CAC talk.

It has been a busy month for us all.  All of Cincinnati. At the end of the day we are all doing something right.  Whew on to spring!!!!! 

Staff Christmas

Here are a few pictures that made me happy this month.

Bethany and Chris

Mike Bath Putting In a New Screen For Summer
Arnold's Youngest Customer Loves Ketchup!