Monday, April 30, 2012

Street Art Education #3: Jeff Soto

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Since I very excitedly just got this  print on wood from one of my favorite artists, Jeff Soto in the mail last week. I figured I would go ahead and do this weeks post on him. I just love how he turned a splattery blast of spray paint into little characters. If you like the print, this Thursday Prints On Wood  will be selling the next one in the series here. They come hand signed and individually numbered, are 25 bucks and time released. Meaning that... they are only available for 24 hours and however many sold are the size of the edition. Plus they plant a tree for every one they sell.

Before I start I would like to announce the winner of last week's Claw Money Poker Chip contest. The winner is Jeff Roberts! I will contact you on facebook.

I got this picture of one of Jeff Soto's murals while I was in Miami

I have been following Southern California native Jeff Soto's work for the last couple of years but more for his poster art than for his street art. I could definitely see the influence of the streets and spray paint in his work but never really thought to seek out his street art. That all changed when I was in the Wynwood district of Miami this past January and noticed what had to be one of his pieces. He has a really unmistakable surrealistic style that no one else I have ever encountered really has. He and nationally known, local Cincinnati, street artist and designer Chris Gliebe aka Devious seem to share a similar aesthetic but still have completely different styles with Soto's leaning more to the surreal. After that I started to delve a little more it his career and discovered that street art is where he got his start. Recently he has garnered some attention as the first artist to use the Chevrolet Robotic Art Car (video at the Bottom). Check out some examples of his work below.

Check out Jeff Soto's wiki here
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Buy his work from The Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC here

Mural in New York City

Mural in Richmond Virginia

Mural In London

Mural In Lodon

Mural in Miami