Friday, February 10, 2012

Top Ten Reasons To Attend The 20th Anniversary BockFest Dinner

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Reason 1.   Because it pays for the BockFest Parade and we all know it is the coolest parade around
Reason 2.   Because it's going to be SO much fun and you don't want to miss the fun
Reason 3.   Because you love hanging out with beer people
Reason 4.   Because you love taking tours of what is very soon going to be the next full brewery in town
Reason 5.   Because you have always wanted to drive a bathtub
Reason 6.   Because the food is going to be delicious
Reason 7.   Because of the cool swag you get to take home (include coupons to Arnold's)
Reason 8.   Because you want to drive the bathtub in the BockFest Parade
Reason 9.   Because you want to stay in the penthouse room at the Garfield the Friday of Bockfest.
Reason 10. Because it's going to be a night you will never forget, ever!

You swag package will include (2) $15.00 coupons to redeem at Arnold's, BockFest Beer Glass, signed copy of this years Bockfest Poster.

Bathtub and Penthouse will be given away to a person in attendance that evening.

Please visit and click on 20th anniversary dinner, then add to cart.

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