Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Idea Of The Perfect Bockfest Evening

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I wrote this a few years ago and thought it should be reposted.

My Idea Of The Perfect Evening...
If you are driving, park in the lot across the street from Arnold‘s. Remember to pay the machine! Show up at Arnold’s around 4pm to have a beer. Or 2. But pace yourself. They are strong and you have a long night ahead of you. We have 7 Bocks on tap so plenty to choose from. Pick up a Bockfest Shirt and throw it on. You do want to be fashionable. Also eat a Bock sausage so you have something in your stomach. There is another bar added this year and two port a potties. Watch the parade kick off and either follow it (my suggestion) or jump on a shuttle to Bockfest Hall for the ceremony. Grab a beer at Bockfest Hall. Or 2. But pace yourself, it is still going to be early. Buy a poster from Jim Effler. Take the shuttle and try to stop at every bar along the way. Pace yourself and everywhere that sells food, eat some. When you are ready to go home return to Arnold’s. If it is before 11 you can order food. If you do need to get a cab then you can leave your car in the lot, take a cab and come back for lunch. We open at 11am on Saturday.  This is to be repeated on Saturday except for the parade part.  Yes we will have a "Bockfest Detox" Brunch on Sunday from 10am - 2pm.