Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank You Cincinnati For Our 150th Time

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Chris (my son/Gm/Social Media) and I have tolled with how to write this for a week.  We both thought we should include everything that has happened in the last year.  Every band, every event, every wonderful thing, every wonderful person.  Well in doing that you leave out people and we would not want to do that.  We really need to thank all of the Cincinnatians that help spread the word that we were here.  With you, your patronage, your company, your talent, your friendship, your products, your sources we were able to have a year a business can only dream about. 

My family and our employees would like to thank you Cincinnati.  You provide us with jobs to be productive members of society.  There are 40 of us.  We have roughly 30 spouses, mates or partners.  We have roughly 20 children with a new one on the way this February.  We own homes and rent homes.  Many of us own cars and the ones that don't take a bus.  We go to bars and eat at local restaurants.  We see movies, concerts and theatre. We spend the money you provide us.

Thank you Cincinnati.  We look forward to serving you in 2012.  That is our 151st Anniversary.  I can only image the Arnold family had no idea...   Dreams really do come true.  Daily.

the Queen City Project :: Arnold's from the Queen City Project on Vimeo.