Friday, October 7, 2011

Photographer Fridays: The Queen City Project

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The first time I met Adam and John they asked us if we delivered.  We said sure we can bring it to you, where are you?  They were next door at Alias Imaging!  I took it over and saw a really cool space they had just moved into.  They were taking pictures.  Since then we have gotten to know these guys and what awesome people they are.  I love them being our next door neighbors.

I asked them if they would do one of my Photographer Friday blogs. When they agreed, little did I know that they were going to team up with the fellas from Bluestone Creative to use still photos to create an awesome video that would knock my socks off. I am so honored they chose "The Queen City Project" to showcase on Arnold's blog.  It is the world premeire!  Please take a close look at what these guys are doing, it is awesome!  Although this is not an advertisement I will say they are available for personal projects and they are super awesome to work with. The video is above, make sure to click play on it.

I present to you : The Queen City Project

The Queen City Project:
Alias Imaging:
Bluestone Creative:

The Queen City Project is the collaborative brainchild between two downtown-based companies: ad agency Bluestone Creative and photography studio Alias Imaging. If you’re a creative person or at least appreciate the mindset behind left-brained thinkers, you know the wheels are always churning and fresh ideas are mandatory in order to break the day-to-day monotony of the “real” world.
With that in mind, the idea of the QCP began churning early in 2011 when the guys from Alias decided to photographically document a typical day at Shadeau Breads in Over-the-Rhine (which started around 4am, mind you). The diligence and passion of owner, Bill Pritz, and his staff at Shadeau Breads is what drew Alias to this location first. Not to mention, they make some of the dankest bread and pastries you can find around these parts.
Once Alias shared their work with their friends at Bluestone, an idea was born. We weren’t sure what that idea was just yet, but we knew we liked the premise of telling a visual story behind cool independent establishments like Shadeau and Arnold's. Hopefully, helping them out along the way through our collective advertising industry experience and knowledge. Then, we realized how many other downright cool places there are in and around Cincinnati who, luckily for us, tend to fly under the radar. Knowing this quality is part of what makes them so special to us and understanding that appealing to the masses maybe isn’t necessarily their ultimate goal, we had the idea to focus our efforts solely on local independent people and places who inspire others (including us) by doing what they do everyday.

So, that’s our story. We’re a group of artists who politely ask local folks who we consider to be genuinely unique to allow us to hop on board for a day, photographically document their operation and tell their story in a way you’ve never seen before – and, of course, satisfy our creative itch doing so. Hopefully, our efforts accurately portray the emotional appeal behind all of the great establishments featured on the QCP as if you were actually there. We hope you enjoy watching the video below as much as we enjoyed making it.
If there is a place you love or would like to recommend please send us an email HERE