Friday, September 17, 2010

Half Way To St. Patrick's Day

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Celebrate the official unofficial holiday the right way with Guinness, Jameson, and Arnold’s Bar and Grill

On Friday September 17th, Arnold’s Bar and Grill is having the first official blowout of the early pre-St Patrick’s season. Giving you the chance to be truly hip and European by attending the best Irish after party... for the German Oktoberfest in the city. Go German and then go Irish. How multi-cultural of you.

Guinness reps will be on hand, giving away free swag including T-shirts, beads, Pint glasses and more. Not to mention awesome specials on all Guinness Imperial pints and drinks i.e. Car bombs, Black Velvets, etc. In addition, the (in)famous Jameson Girls will be in house handing out tons of free stuff and hosting a special tasting of several different Jameson cocktails. All this while Irish band, Unlucky Charms is on stage rocking out contemporary Irish music along with Classic Irish Pub songs with their signature punk edge.

Not to be outdone by the bar, Arnold’s kitchen will be running a German-Irish fusion menu all weekend. Think sauerkraut meets Boxty cakes in a non-stop Western European roller coaster ride of flavor. Calcanon with German sausages. Bangers and Spatzle. Yes, I know….this is truly mind bending. Full menu to be released on our website in the coming week. Party starts at 11pm. Hope to see you there.

Additional info:

Date Friday, September 17th
Party Starts: 11pm

Halfway to St Patrick's Day Blowout!
Today at 11:00pm
Arnold's Bar & Grill

Monday, September 13, 2010

12 Bands, 1 Week

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Not this coming weekend but the next is MPMF as we all know. Arnold's is chock full of music the whole entire week! We will start our special week of music by having music on Monday. We always have live music Tues. - Sat. On Monday Sept. 20th Live from Seattle we will have the band Hejira. It is a genre-bending musical hybrid, combining ancient world styles, global rhythms and exotic scales. I can't wait to hear this in the courtyard! You can check out their website at Below is a little bit about the guys. Next week I will give a play by play on all the music. It is going to be awesome!


•Attended the High Institute for Arabic Music
Accomplished cellist and concert pianist
•Cairo Opera House as 1st Chair Cellist for 16 years
•Performed with the Arabic Symphony Orchestra under Maestro Virtuoso, Selim Sehab, to audiences around the world

•Played with the Egyptian National Cultural Theater under Director Entesar Abdul Fattah, Ph.D., for 15 years traveling the world

•Performed on various film scores

•Played with classical ensembles at Egypt's premiere hotels, including the Mena House Oberoi

•Performed Pharaoh's and Egyptian improvisations on the Pyramids and Sphynx for Egyptian television

•Played in over 30 countries on six continents for Kings, Queens, Sheiks, Ambassadors, Presidents, and Prime Ministers

•20 years of music composition/performance/studio experience
4 years as guitarist for the “New Europa Troubadours”
•2001–Present: Founder/principle composer “Hejira
•Original song "Love is a Miracle" was nominated for a 2009 Native America Music Award
•Original composition "Moroccan Roll" featured on the Internet radio station
•Selected by the former indie musician review site in 2004
•Original composition “Hejira” accepted by
•Cornell University – Ithaca, NY:
African Rhythms
•Royal Ministry – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:
Hamzah Mohammed Al-Bashir – Arabic Music Master Class
•Northern Kentucky University – College of Music:
Jose Madrigal – Classical & Jazz Guitar
Bucky & John Pizzarelli – Jazz Guitar Master Class
Cal Collins – Jazz Guitar Master Class
Eileen Farrel – Vocal Master Class
Iowa University – Iowa City, IA:
Dr. Lowell Cross – Audio Recording Techniques
•University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music:
Dr. Gural – Classical Guitar
Rock Music Lecture Series
Dr. Simon Anderson – Intro to Music
Special Topics: Psychology of Music, Guitar amp design & modifications
•2008–Present: Guitar Instructor at Virtuoso Music, Seattle
•Taught International Marketing to junior high school students through Seattle Junior Achievement
•2 years – trained Saudi nationals in audio production techniques at the Ministry of Finance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
•5 years – created and taught the ‘Audio Workshop’ at Northern KY University

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Perfect Place, The Perfect Wedding, The Perfect Day

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Everyone has their own special moment's of Chris and Haley's wedding this past Sunday at Arnold's. The following are mine.
The day started with Chris and his wedding crew taking our wonderful place at Arnold's and turning it into a beautiful origami paradise. Thousands upon thousands of origami flowers. I made breakfast for the crew fearing they would be to excited to eat later.
As people arrived they filled out cards for the couples wish tree (seen below) and a page for their memory book. The person presiding over the ceremony said it all. I can't remember word for word what he said and when I found the sheet of paper he had used later there were only 4 words on the paper. He talked of Arnold's for about 5 minutes. Stating how for 149 years Arnold's and places like Arnold's has been the cornerstone and gathering place for the community. Back in the day when the Enquirer building was first built how reporters came and with that everyone that wanted to be seen. Places like this is where our laws and loves were founded. Now, 149 years later Arnold's is still the same place. Most of the reporters have been replaced by local theatre people, designers, art goers and people that live in the neighborhood. What a sense of pride I felt by his words.
Live music and fun filled the air after the ceremony and the buffet line was formed in the kitchen. There were so many people I had no place to put the food! So, I turned my kitchen into a buffet line and it was beautiful. As the day went on there were toast and dances and cutting of the blueberry pie. People with children left and as the crowd became smaller someone brought in drums. A drum circle was made and we enjoyed the music for quite sometime.
The day had started with Chris and was ending with Haley. As Chris and his cousin left to get Haley's things ready and her ride we sat at the bar and ate cheese sandwiches with grippo potato chips smashed between. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.
I hold a special place in my heart for all the young actors who come to Arnold's for fun, cheer and sanity. I am honored to be a part of their "community". They are more than customers and I am more than a bar. Best wishes Haley and Chris. I love you both.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thank You Judi Rothenberg and The YWCA

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Many years ago Judi worked at Arnold's. That is how I know her. We also share the same birthday. Somewhere along the line we became facebook friends. Reading Judi's post she was always doing some kind of exercise. Riding her bike usually. Then she started swimming....

I was a terrible swimmer. I swam to stay alive and that was it. I had taken a water aerobics class at the YWCA once but that was about it. I also had a swimming pool once but it was 4 ft. deep. But man did Judi make the water sound nice.

I had a goal of wanting to stop smoking when I was 50 years old (lame I know). So my thought was to stop at 49 so I wouldn't have to go though all that at 50. 4 Yrs ago this October I smoked my last cigarette. Along with that came 60 pounds. Instead of exercising I ate. Also turning 50 my metabolism came almost to a raging halt. Desperate I tried every diet and trick I knew and never lasted more than a few weeks. Plus being the cook at Arnold's I had to "taste" everything.

On May 23rd I walked into the YWCA on 9th and Walnut and said I wanted to swim. A really nice guy showed me around and gave me a free weeks pass. I came everyday and swam. Well, I tried to swim anyway. I flapped and kicked and did a few laps in the pool but something clicked. It was quiet and clean and bright and smelled like vacation. I signed up for a deal on a 3 month summer membership and swam my heart out. Well that was after getting a "Shark" snorkel because I could not figure out how to swim and breath. Being over 50 allows me to be a dork in the water. All of a sudden I felt as if I was a knife in soft butter. I just re upped my membership. And yes, I still suck at swimming but that doesn't matter.

So thank you Judi Rothenberg. Because of you I have went down two sizes in my clothes (4 if you count all the numbers). Thank you for giving me the inspiration to get out there and do it. To get off my butt and be active. I have a way to go yet so keep inspiring me!

Thank you, Thank you