Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick Thanks and Thai Acorn Squash Bisque Recipe

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The Bockfest fundraiser on Wednesday was a huge success. Thanks to all that came, mentioned us and volunteer their time. The email below is what prompted me to blog this recipe today. Also, my son says this is the best soup I have ever made.
Subject : Arnold's Website Contact Form: OTR Brewery Dinner and Tour

One of the courses for the OTR Brewery Dinner and Tour was a Thai Acorn Squash BIsque. Do you all make that? Or do you have the recipe you can share. It would a wonderful addition to my family's Thanksgiving dinner.


Hi Rich,
I make that soup and I can tell you what is in it but I also gotta tell you I will taste it and add more of something so I can't give you the exact ingredients. Also, this feed 70 people.

Also note I have to taste everything while I am making it, the dishwasher hates me because I can dirty 20 spoons while making something. This soup is really easier to make than it looks on paper. Good luck ! Here goes...

6 acorn squash 3 diced and 3 cooked until tender then pureed
6 sweet potatoes 3 diced and 3 cooked until tender then pureed.
2 large cans of 100 percent pumpkin (no spices)
about 1/2 pound fresh basil chopped
about 3 tbs nutmeg
juice of about 6 limes (when soup is finished you might want to add more lime juice
about 3 tbs fresh grated ginger and 3 tbs ground ginger (very important to have both)
4 cans coconut milk
1 gallon milk
1/2 gallon heavy cream
Salt and pepper (the pepper balances the cayenne so don't leave it out) about 2 tbs of pepper i guess
2 tbs cayenne pepper (I am afraid of cayenne so I always add a little then increase) you might want 3tbs
roux (I make my own and I can show you but I can't tell you how to make it. You can look it up if you don't know how) Make enough to thicken it and I use butter for this roux. Maybe about 1 cup when finished, you will know
Then once this is all done you start adding honey, I used local extracted honey. I probably put in 2 cups of honey but you have to add slowly then taste, then add some more until perfect.

Ronda Androski