Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Diner On Sycamore

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Yes this is going to be a review. A review of Joe's Diner. First I must say I am glad and proud they are opened.

One of my stories goes like this...
Poor. Buy Arnold's. Poor. Riots. More Poor. Scary Poor actually. Gas shut off notice poor is how poor. Get my point? So on the gas shut off notice poor part of it, I am driving down Sycamore and look into The Diner. On Sycamore Street that is. No one is in there and the lights seemed to be off. Crud, not another one, we are dropping like flies. I go to the door and there is a notice. They are done. Crud. I cry. I cry like you can not believe cry. It was a symbol and I was sad. Crud, is the oldest bar in the city next? Well I was too stupid and too proud. During all that I bought my partner out and rebounded.

Fast forward to today. I walked up those steps and entered into a delightful opened restaurant now called Joe's Diner. It is sparse and clean. It is a soft opening which means they aren't quite ready and working out the kinks. That is fine by me. I am just glad to be there. I know everyone that walks in the door. I feel at home. The employees are friendly, I hope they keep that part because it was really nice. Bret orders breakfast at 7pm! 2 eggs scrambled, 2 sausage patties, hash browns and toast. I order a burger with bacon and an egg on it. Delicious. I love the burgers at Arnold's and will stand up against our burgers everyday. But they are different, char grilled and our customers like them that way (yes, I took a poll). But this burger is really delicious and when I want a burger from a griddle I will go to Joe's and get it. It truly is better than any burger I have tried outside of Arnold's. Look at me, I have tried a lot.

Joe's Diner is halfway between my business and my home. Joe's Diner will be my go to place like Arnold's is for so many. Please when you see me in Joe's I am not "checking out the place" or seeing how many of my customers are there. I am there because I live and work in this neighborhood. We all need to eat out once in a while. I love the sushi at Mixx Ultra Lounge and it looks like they are going to do right at The Diner too.

Full circle? I think so!

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