Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome Rivertown Brewery

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Join us starting at 6PM today!

Arnold’s is proud to honor local Rivertown Brewery to our list of tap handles. Carla and Tom Streeter from chose the first beer to grace this coveted tap handle, Dunkle Dark Lager.

Tonight we have available the Dunkle on tap. In Bottles… Vienna Lager, Hop Bomber Pale Ale, Helles Lager, Oatmeal Stout and Hefeweizen.

Below is a list of food items Arnold’s has prepared for you. You may purchase this as a price fix dinner for 25.00 or separately. The price fix menu includes, soup, ragout, choice of one entrée and bread pudding.

DUNKLE RABBIT SOUP… Rabbit, carrots, potatoes, onions and celery seasoned with rosemary and red pepper flakes in a rich broth of tomato stock and Dunkle beer. Cup 3.50 Bowl 4.50

DUNKLE BEER- Our Dunkle Beer is a Munich style dark lager beer. It has a surprisingly light body with mild roasted flavor and caramel undertones. We use the freshest imported and Domestic barley, Noble hops, and natural water. Best served at 42ºF in a tall beer mug or stein.


VIENNA SAUSAGE RAGOUT… Fresh sausages grilled then sautéed with mushrooms, onions, peppers, diced tomatoes and whole roasted garlic. Sautéed in a sauce of Vienna Lager and a touch of cream. Served over grilled bruschetta and drizzled with a spicy dijon mustard sauce. 7.95

VIENNA LAGER- Our Vienna Lager is a true Vienna style amber lager, with a rich, big flavor. It is brewed in the traditional style with only the Finest barley, Noble hops, and Natural water. Best served at 46ºF in a tall Flute glass.


HELLES ANDROSKI… Artichokes, red onions, sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, portabella mushrooms and fresh spinach sauteed in a sauce of Arnold’s garlic butter, fresh pesto and Rivertown’s Helles Lager. Served over linguine and dusted with romano cheese. 14.95

HELLES LAGER- Our Helles lager is a true symbol of our German heritage. A rich, crisp, full flavored Bavarian style Lager brewed with the finest imported German barley, choice hops, and natural water. Best served at 38ºF in a tall pilsner glass.


HOP BOMBER PALE ALE COD… 7 oz Atlantic cod fillet marinated in Rivertown’s Hop Bomber then breaded in a mixture of cornmeal, panko and seasoned flour. Deep fried and served with french fries, spicy Hop Bomber dipping sauce and cole slaw. 10.95

HOP BOMBER PALE ALE- Hop Bomber Pale Ale is an all out attack on your taste buds. With over 60 hop bittering units, this beer has a spicy backbone from the use of fresh rye malt and is dry hopped for a crisp refreshing flavor. Hop Bomber is truly a Hop Heads dream. Best served at 59ºF in a pint glass.


CHICKEN SCHNITZEL…Translation of the name: 'Schnitzel' means basically meat in a crust. Boneless breast of chicken coated in a crust of breadcrumbs and romano cheese. Sautéed in a sauce of garlic, onions, capers, black pepper, lots of lemon and hefeweizen beer. Served over wide noodles. 14.50

HEFEWEIZEN- Our Hefeweizen is an old world Bavarian style, top fermented wheat ale. It will entice you with its full body, refreshing taste, and savory aromas of sweet malt, spicy cloves and fresh bananas. It is naturally cloudy from the high wheat content, and traditional weizen yeast. Best served at 45ºF in a wheat beer glass with a slice of lemon.


OATMEAL CRISP PEACH BREAD PUDDING… Peach bread pudding topped with a crispy oatmeal crunch. Served warm with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and an Rivertown Oatmeal Stout caramel sauce.


OATMEAL STOUT- Our Oatmeal Stout first hits your nose with an aromatic blend of raw oats, chocolate, and roasted malts. A black ruby hue and thick creamy off white head make this stout one you will never forget. Best served at 55ºF in a pub or pint glass.