Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bathtub Driving 101 and Believing in Trojan Goats

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Tonight we gave the "Arnold's Bomb Squad" Team bathtub driving lessons in the parking lot across the street. Once you start driving the tub you don't want to stop and you don't want to take turns. It's really that much fun. I am not sure whom or if anyone reads these blogs but if someone reading this would want to drive the tub some day just let me know and I will see what we can do.
The tub goes in right behind the lead goat in the parade. I am the one pushing to get the parade off at exactly 6pm. The police don't like it if we don't. So me being the way I am, I try my best to get it moving.
David White has been in charge of the parade for the last few years and is doing a great job with it. He has the roller derby girls in it this year. Liz from the team asked me if I would mind if they came into Arnold's with skates on. What a silly girl, we are honored to have them.
I love reading all the stuff about Bockfest every year. You would think I would be tired of it. Never. I hope it helps people understand what a wonderful city we live in.
I love the people who love Bockfest. We are all a special breed. We are the people that "get" what downtown and OTR is all about. We are funky and fun and community. We are people who drive bathtubs and believe in Trojan Goats.